Rules and Regulations

The following restrictions, among others, are strictly enforced.

Property Rules

  • Occupants and their guests must check in with the manager before proceeding onto the Premises.
  • Late fees will be charged for nonpayment of rent on the 10th day after the rent is due according to current posted rates and in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement.
  • A late exit fee will be charged to all occupants remaining on Premises after closing according to the posted sign.
  • The Premises shall not be used in violation of any state or federal law or for any illegal purposes.

Additional Regulation Details

All rules are strictly enforced.

Occupants are responsible for removing all trash to trash service pick up as posted on trash containers, with restrictions as posted next to containers.

The Premises shall not be used as a business address.

All refrigerators, freezers, washers, or any similar appliance must be completely defrosted and/or drained of all liquids so they are completely dry.

VACATING PROCEDURES: BEFORE VACATING thirty days advanced written notice is required. Preprinted forms are available in the office.

All trash and stored items shall be removed from the Premises and Premises shall be left broom clean. Close the unit door, taking your lock with you. Sign Lease Termination Notice to stop further rental charges. No Rental refunds.

You are responsible for insuring the contents in your storage space.

Change of personal information, including change of address, must be given in writing to management.

  • NO flammables or hazardous or toxic wastes, contraband, explosives, or inherently dangerous materials may be stored on or within the Premises.
  • NO storage of unsealed edibles.
  • NO mechanical or automotive work of any kind.
  • NO spray painting of any kind.
  • NO direct sales.
  • NO hanging of objects, attachment of anything to wall or alteration of the Premises.
  • CHILDREN AND PETS MUST BE KEPT IN VEHICLES. Owner accepts no responsibility for the safety of children or pets on the Premises.